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Recording of Judgments Affecting Land

The attorneys of Bloom Sluggett Morgan have long advised their clients to record any favorable court judgment affecting land—including consent judgments—with the County Register of Deeds Office.  This includes judgments involving land use, zoning regulations, deed restrictions and similar issues.  That advice was validated by the Michigan Court of Appeals in its decision in Hartford Equities, Inc, v County of Clinton (November 26, 2013; Docket No. 313443).  Recording a judgment provides notice of its existence, and helps ensure that it may be enforced against future owners or others who may obtain an interest in the lands involved.  Read More

“You Can’t Do That!”

What is a deed restriction? Is a deed restriction the same as a restrictive covenant, covenant, or plat restriction? In general, all of those words and phrases involve the same concept. I will refer to all of those restrictions in this article collectively as “deed restrictions.”  Read More